Lodge No.Lodge NameMeetingFurther Information
9903Brevity LodgeSecond Monday of October, November and December 
5071Caer Gwent LodgeFirst Wednesday of October, November, December, January, February, March and April at 5.45 pm. Installation Meeting: First Wednesday of March at 5.15 pm
76Economy LodgeLast Wednesday of September to April except December at 5.45 pm. Installation Meeting: September at 5.15 pm
9512Evingar LodgeThird Wednesday of October, November February, March and April, at 6.15 pm. Installation meeting third Wednesday in October at 5.45 pm.www.evingar.info
8222Faith and Confidence LodgeThird Saturday January, March, May, September, and November. Installation September.http://www.lodge8222.masonic-lodge.org.uk
7487King Aelfred LodgeFirst Monday October to April inclusive. Installation October.http://kingaelfred.com
5734Old Symondian LodgeSecond Saturday of October to May except December at 5.00 pm. Installation Meeting: Second Saturday of November at 5.00 pm.http://www.old-symondian-lodge-5734.masonic-lodge.org.uk
8563St Mathew of Wyke LodgeFirst Saturday in February, March, April, October, November and December. Installation February. 
1883William of Wykeham Lodge Second Tuesday of September, October, November  January, February, March, April and May, at 6.00 pm. Installation Meeting: Second Tuesday of December at 5.30 pmwww.wow1883.co.uk
6818Wolvesey LodgeThird Thursday September to April except December. Installation October. 
Royal Arch Chapters
Lodge No.Lodge NameMeetingFurther Information
76Chapter of EconomyThird Tuesday October to March except December. Installation October. 
8222Faith and ConfidenceRegular Meetings: Third Saturday April, June and October. Installation April.http://www.lodge8222.masonic-lodge.org.uk/?pageId=32373230g70133
6818Wolvesey ChapterRegular Meetings: Second Wednesday February, May and December. Installation October. 
Other Orders
King Æthelwulf Red Cross of Constantine Conclave, No. 437
Royal and Select Masters, King Alfred Council No. 71 and Wessex Council No. 283
The Order of Athelstan, The Court of King Alfred the Great No. 79
Winchester Lodge of Instruction. Regular Meetings: Second Thursday September to May at 7.00 pm.
Winchester Mark Lodge, No. 969
Winchester Royal Ark Mariners, No. 969
Winton Rose Croix Chapter, No. 401
Other Clubs
Acorn Club, contact Brian Davies or Neil Morse for further details